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Exploring the Corners of Colony Before You Move In

The Colony real estate agent Donna Marcotte

Coined as the City by the Lake, Colony is a stunning town perched on the northern side of Texas, just right between Dallas and Fort Worth. The region presents a wide range of amenities that serve diverse lifestyles and beautiful views of Lake Lewisville to make your days and nights. The Colony has encountered rapid growth as a result of progressive developments and increased interest by the public. Selecting your ideal home requires following a solid set of strategies and measures that place you relevant and strategic in the extensive real estate market.

The Colony real estate agent Donna Marcotte offers clients rare insight into The Colony’s transformation, drawing on her many years of experience selling homes in the area. Having witnessed the housing market and community evolve during her accomplished career, she provides current residents and prospective buyers an insider’s perspective on what it is truly like living in this dynamic North Texas suburb. Besides working with a proficient agent, a homebuyer must refine and understand their home requirements and intentionally study the market to get their ideal home.

Homes for sale in The Colony

Homebuyers at various stages in life and budget levels will discover housing options tailored to their needs within The Colony. Entry-level buyers can find move-in ready properties priced attractively under the $200,000 mark, while growing families often target spacious single-family houses in the mid-range price band. For those seeking upscale living, custom estates with high-end finishes and amenities grace the over $1 million market. Whether starter homes, family residences, condominiums, or luxury properties, the Colony real estate market contains diverse neighborhoods and properties to match owners across the spectrum.

luxury properties

Many prospective homeowners like Wellington and Southridge Lakes are drawn to The Colony for its explicit gated communities. These neighborhoods provide amenities like parks, community pools, playgrounds, and golf courses. Popular areas include Austin Ranch, which offers scenic views and exudes a tranquil setting. The sought-after homes here include those backing up to the Hawaiian Falls water park.

On the more affordable side, first-time homebuyers in The Colony will reside comfortably, looking at homes in neighborhoods like North Colony around Main Street. Ranch-style and two-story homes run from $180,000 to $280,000 – an ideal entry point for those looking to establish roots while getting great value. Rental properties are also abundant, like those found throughout downtown The Colony, in the price range of $900 to $1,500 per month.

The Colony’s real estate

The Colony real estate scene provides diversity in housing options ranging from starter homes to custom estates. Compared to other North Dallas suburbs, competitive pricing increases its popularity among first-time homebuyers. For those seeking an active lifestyle with convenience to the metro, The Colony checks all the boxes in terms of location, amenities, and community feel, which is why its real estate will continue to be in popular demand. The marriage of convenience and an abundance of lifestyle amenities make properties here a coveted place to set down roots.

Cost of living in The Colony

Housing comprises the largest expense, with everyday expenses like groceries, transportation, utilities, and healthcare marginally cheaper than the metroplex. For example, a monthly energy bill averages $175 thanks to deregulated electricity providers, while a doctor’s visit comes in around $105 out-of-pocket. Though sales tax matches the state level, residents save significantly on property taxes owing to Colony’s independent school district. Recreational amenities also prove very economical, exemplified by private golf club memberships starting under $200 per month at places like The Tribute. The combination of value and quality of life keeps The Colony competitive regionally.