How to Buy a Home in Tiburon (Quick Buying Guide!)

With a geographical coverage of 13.2 square miles and a population of 9,146 as per the 2020 Census, Tiburon is such a small town. But even so, its good weather, world-class state parks, and natural beauties make it a fantastic place to live. The little town has many fun activities, such as the Angel Island ferry ride, the Hippie Eucalyptus tree swing, the Ring Mountain hiking adventure, and the Tiburon by the Bay bike ride. There’s just no better place to be in California than Tiburon. It should be a top consideration if you want to buy a house. Here’s a quick guide on how to buy a home in Tiburon, Marin County:    

Know the Kind of Home You Need

There are almost all kinds of homes in Tiburon, and they all suit different buyers. Single-family homes are probably the most popular as they are a huge attraction for families who don’t like sharing walls, compounds, and amenities. Single-family homes usually offer privacy and allow homeowners to customize them. They, however, cost the most, averaging over $1 million for 3-bedroom options and above.

The other options are condominiums and townhouses. They are multi-family dwellings whose average price is about $500,000. They have low maintenance since tenants share the compound and the maintenance costs. They, however, lack the privacy and customization flexibility that single-family houses have.

List Your Needs and Wants

You need the help of a real estate agent to find your dream home. However, the only way they can help you is if they know what you want, and that’s where needs and wants come in.

Start with the needs or must-haves. These are things you cannot compromise on, such as the number of bedrooms, specific locations, and type of house. Then list the wants—things that aren’t absolutely necessary but would be great, such as a swimming pool, large yard, and garage.

Search! Search! Search!

Finding a dream home in a small town like Tiburon is never easy. Thus, you’ve to walk around, sample a few options your real estate agent suggests, and compare them. Consider the house layouts, proximity to essential amenities such as school and healthcare centers, and accessibility to public transport if you intend to use it.

However, working with a real estate agent like Scott Woods can make the search easy and quicker as he knows his way around the Tiburon real estate sector.

Submit a Winning Offer

Likely, you aren’t the only one who wants to buy the house you are targeting, especially if it’s a good option at a prime location. The seller might be expecting more than one offer. So, you’ve to beat the other bids by making yours more compelling. You can do that by waiving some contingencies, sending the offer as soon as possible, and making a cash deposit.

Ready to Buy a Home in Tiburon?

Finding the best homes for sale in Tiburon, Marin County, is never easy. An expert real estate agent, however, can help. For expert guidance, talk to Scott Woods,  a licensed real estate salesperson who knows his way around the California real estate sector and can help you identify and buy your dream home.