Things to Consider Before Purchasing Home Parking Tiles

Choosing the right home parking tiles is very important to achieve the right touch of elegance and longevity. These tiles not only serve the purpose of a parking area but also give a stylish look to your garage as well as any garden area. There are several tile types for consumers to consider, including porcelain, ceramic, and vitrified tiles, and thus selecting the best type for a given application can be quite difficult.

This guide will assist you in identifying the various types of home parking tiles and what to look for in choosing the right parking tile that will not only meet your aesthetic tastes but also be durable and withstand various weather conditions.

Types of Home Parking Tiles

When it comes to home parking tiles (กระเบื้องโรงรถ, this is the term in the Thai), three main types stand out due to their durability and suitability for high-traffic areas:

1. Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles, commonly used in interior design, are derived from a fine-grained clay blend that contains fine sand and feldspar. They are fired at high temperatures and pressures to make them highly homogeneous and compact.

These tiles are incredibly tough and are designed to prevent water and stains from penetrating their surface. They are available in a range of styles and can imitate the look of stone, wood, or fabric. They also meet all the weather conditions are ideal for both winter and summer and offer great skid and scratch resistance.

2. Ceramic Tiles

Pavement with ceramic tiles is very famous due to its high durability and it is often installed in parking lots. These are made from clay and other related materials which are then subjected to high heat.

These tiles are fully resistant to water, do not require a slip, and are designed for systematic and safe parking zones. Ceramic tiles which are vulcanized are particularly recommended for use in car parking as they are stronger.

3. Vitrified Tiles

Made of silica, clay, feldspar, and quartz, the vitrified tiles come through a hydraulic press and vitrified finish giving them a glassy look. It makes them suitable for use outdoors and in areas with high traffic since they are not easily stained by dirt and other grime as well as wear out. Double-charged and full-body vitrified tiles provide better wear resistance and have a through-body composition.

Things to Consider While Choosing the Best Home Parking Tiles

Selecting the right tiles for your home parking space involves considering several crucial factors:

·        Durability

The tiles must be strong enough to bear the mass of vehicles and traffic and not chip easily. Porcelain, ceramic, and full-body vitrified tiles are less porous and more resilient because of their manufacturing techniques and raw materials used.

·        Quality

It is necessary to focus on the quality of tiles that can bear different weather conditions and other loads. They should also be anti-skid, waterproof, and built in a way that they can withstand extreme conditions without deforming.

·        Designs

Select designs that will blend perfectly on the facade of the house. Contemporary tiles can be of numerous designs and pastel colors so you can easily select one that will make your property more attractive.


On selecting home parking tiles, one needs to consider factors such as durability, quality, style of the home, thickness of the tiles, and slip resistance. If these factors are well understood then you can achieve an excellent appearance of the parking area as well as sufficient load bearing and resistance to wear and tear and different weather conditions. Therefore, if the right choice is made, your home parking tiles will serve the purpose of both utility and beauty for as long as it is needed.