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What is Essential for Building an Ideal Luxury Home in Downtown Austin?

Luxury homes in Downtown Austin are still in high demand, but if you buy one too quickly without giving it much thought, you may find yourself in a home that you do not like. Before exploring upscale properties in this area, consider some common non-negotiables for luxury residences. After pondering what matters to you and your family, note it down, and hand it to your real estate agent. Unfortunately, coming up with a list of non-negotiables is not always easy. To help you get started, check out this guide.

Outdoor Space

While Austin gets quite hot in summer, its 300 days of sunshine a year mean that locals spend much time outside. Most home buyers value usable outside living areas over indoor amenities because it cannot be readily changed. You can landscape your space, but you cannot create more room.

If outdoor space is important to you, consider how you will use it. Do you want an outdoor kitchen, pool, or just an expansive back patio for events? How you will use this space determines how much room you need. 

Luxurious Main Bedroom and Bath

A spacious main bedroom with a spa-like bathroom is a huge non-negotiable for homes for sale in Downtown Austin. While you may always improve a substandard bathroom or bedroom, this takes a significant amount of time and money.

If you are not certain if a lavish main suite is a must-have for you, consider how you utilize your current space. Do you prefer a bedroom or bathroom to unwind in after a hard day, or wish for a spa experience in your home? It all comes down to what is important to you.

Home Size

Luxury homes in downtown Austin come in various sizes and shapes, so there is definitely something for you! To establish how big of a home you require at a minimum, consider the space you cannot live without.

If you are having difficulties, rather than focusing on the physical size of your ideal home, note down how many rooms you will require and their function. When browsing through available listings, you can look for properties that meet your space requirements, irrespective of square footage.


When shopping for a luxury home, this is often an overlooked non-negotiable. But in reality, location is very important! You might find your dream home, but if it is far from your workplace, it might not be the perfect home for you.

Think about what you would prefer to be close to and the significance of the location for your family. Maybe you want to be near your kid’s school, a certain hangout spot, or certain city views, it is all up to you!

Things You Do Not Want

Most buyers have many non-negotiables they must have when seeking a luxury home. However, you also need to have things you cannot stand.

Spend some time thinking about what would be a deal breaker for you and your family, and include it on the list. These factors are what will make you turn around right away when looking at a property in Downtown Austin real estate.

Find Your Dream Luxury Home in Downtown Austin with The Boutros Group

Downtown Austin’s luxury real estate market is very competitive, with special off-market inventory available only to a select few. Having a real estate agent on your side who understands the market’s intricacies opens a whole new world of opportunities for you, providing you with a distinct edge over the competition. Talk to the real estate experts at The Boutros Group to guide you on your journey to homeownership in Downtown Austin today.