Window Fly Screens for Keeping Insects Away Without Blocking Fresh Air

Fly screens offer a multitude of benefits, especially in summer. You can keep your windows open, allow the natural sunlight and fresh airs enter your home without any concerns about flies or mosquitoes entering inside. Let’s explore the advantages and types of window fly screens.

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Benefits of fly screen on windows:

Flyscreens allow for proper air circulation within your home. Keeping windows open will allow fresh air to enter your living space without worrying about insects or debris entering. The air quality improves with proper ventilation. The indoor temperature regulates and you don’t need to switch on the cooling system. You save energy significantly every month in summer.  

 The primary function of flyscreens is to act as a barrier against insects. They effectively keep out the flying bothersome pests buzzing around. Insects are carriers of germs and diseases, but with a fly screen, you can protect your loved ones from falling ill. Your tiny tot can play comfortably without you worrying about contaminated surfaces. 

Fly screens offer an additional layer of protection against windblown debris, such as leaves, twigs, and dust. Your home stays clean because less dirt from the outside enters the rooms. In terms of security screens don’t offer much security but can deter small animals trying to enter your home through open windows.

Flyscreens allow you to enjoy natural light and outdoor scenery without blocking, while maintaining proper ventilation. 

Types of fly screen windows:

There are various types of fly screen windows available:

  • Fixed flyscreens: These are permanent installations made from aluminium frames with fibreglass or metal mesh. They need minimal maintenance like a wipe with damp cloth. Aluminium material also lasts for life with proper maintenance. 
  • Removable flyscreens: These screens can be easily detached from the window frame for cleaning or replacement. 
  • Retractable flyscreens: These screens retract into a cassette at the top of the window frame, offering the convenience of opening and closing them as needed. 
  • Magnetic flyscreens: These innovative screens feature a mesh panel attached to a frame with magnetic strips. They adhere to the metal frame of your window for easy installation and removal. Magnetic flyscreens are an excellent temporary solution for frequently used windows.

Additional Considerations:

  • Mesh Type: Flyscreen mesh comes in various materials like fibreglass, aluminium, and stainless steel. 
  • Pet Screen: If you have pets, consider opting for a pet screen, which is a more robust mesh designed to withstand scratches and tears from claws.
  • Fire Safety: In some regions, fire regulations might require specific fire-resistant mesh for flyscreens, especially near escape routes.

Flyscreens installed on the window is great for pest control and proper ventilation. You can keep windows open without worries about pests and dirt flying inside. Flyscreen is an affordable and practical solution to breath fresh air without the presence of buzzing houseflies and stinging bees. 


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