Effective Tips to Stop Harmful Pigeon Infestation at Commercial Properties

Pests like mice, rats, or pigeons can severely impact the reputation of your commercial property, deterring customers. Increased pigeon presence may signal potential damage, from soiled siding to damaged infrastructure. Implementing preventative measures is crucial to avoid costly repairs and maintain the integrity of your property.

If you are ready to get rid of your pest problem, the expert pest control Manchester team can provide, set up, and maintain a number of useful bird deterrent goods and services.

The comprehensive bird control solutions include bird spikes, netting, post and wire barriers, as well as efficient decontamination and humane bird trapping methods, ensuring effective and compliant pest management.

How does bird infestation start?

In certain cases, it might be the perfect home for birds. Gulls and pigeons are intelligent enough to swiftly adjust to new surroundings. They have adapted to live in most cities and scavenge food scraps left by people.

The following are some crucial details regarding pigeons and gulls that are common in metropolitan areas:

  • Urban gulls and pigeons’ nest in seemingly inhospitable locations of skyscrapers and flat roofs.
  • These areas include balconies, ledges, chimney stacks, guttering, and culverts.
  • In particular, gulls enjoy congregating in large groups on flat roofs.
  • Pigeons can fly into any opening bigger than 25 mm in a building.
  • Pigeons prefer to roost in roof areas, yet they can enter a building by moving loose or damaged tiles.

How can you deter pigeons from your home?

Reducing pigeon access to your property and preventing them from building a nest is the most effective method of deterrence. Install netting or plastic strips over any windows or open spaces in your house to do this.

Additionally, since food and water supplies might draw pigeons, it is critical to maintain the area surrounding your house clear of these things. To stop pigeons from roosting in your property, you should also cut any overhanging trees or branches.

How to clean up the droppings of pigeons?

Pigeons will enter your home, and you will need to clean up any mess or droppings they may have left behind right away. You can avoid any drops by using protective gear including gloves, face masks, and goggles.

Furthermore, you should use a disinfectant to carefully wipe any surfaces that have come into contact with the droppings. Spills should be cleaned up carefully because pigeon droppings can damage brick surfaces and other materials.


In conclusion, pigeons can be very destructive when it comes to potential damage to your home. It is essential that you take the necessary steps to keep them out of your home and to clean up any mess they may leave behind completely.

You must also shield your home from structural harm if you want to ensure that it remains secure over time. You may avoid any issues that pigeons might bring about in your home by being vigilant and adopting the necessary precautions.

Naturally, you should contact a trustworthy pest control company as soon as you become aware of this problem.