The Timeless Elegance of Cedar Fences: Installation Tips for a Long-Lasting Barrier

Fences serve a multitude of purposes: providing privacy, security, and a touch of elegance to your property. If you’re looking for a fence that combines all three while boasting natural beauty and durability, then a cedar wood fence might be the perfect choice for you. But before you embark on this project, understanding the fencing installation process is crucial for ensuring a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing outcome.

Why Cedar? The Allure of a Natural Choice

Cedarwood stands out as a premier fencing material for several reasons. Firstly, its natural beauty is undeniable. The warm reddish-brown tones of cedar add a touch of sophistication to any landscape. Additionally, cedar possesses inherent weather resistance. The natural oils in the wood repel moisture and resist insect infestation, making it a low-maintenance choice. Unlike pressure-treated lumber, cedar doesn’t require harsh chemicals for preservation, making it an environmentally friendly option. Furthermore, cedar offers superior strength and stability compared to softer woods, ensuring your fence can withstand the elements for years to come.

Planning Makes Perfect: Before You Break Ground

Before diving headfirst into installation, meticulous planning is key. The first step involves determining the purpose of your fence. Is it for privacy, security, or simply to delineate your property line? Knowing your objective will help you decide on the fence height and style. Popular cedar fence styles include picket fences, board-and-batten fences, and solid privacy fences. Each style offers a unique aesthetic and level of privacy.

Next, contact your local authorities to inquire about any permitting requirements for fence installation. Knowing these regulations beforehand will save you time and hassle down the line. Additionally, it’s crucial to locate any underground utilities on your property to avoid accidental damage during digging.

Building Your Dream Fence: A Step-by-Step Guide

With your plan and tools in hand, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of installation:

  1. Mark Your Territory: Using stakes and string lines, mark the precise location of your fence line. Double-check measurements to ensure a straight and uniform fence.
  2. Digging the Post Holes: Dig holes for the fence posts, ensuring they are deep enough to secure the fence against strong winds. A good rule of thumb is to bury the posts one-third of their total length.
  3. Setting the Posts: Place the posts in the holes, ensuring they are level and plumb. Backfill the holes with gravel, tamping it down firmly to create a solid base. Once the gravel base is set, mix concrete and pour it around the posts to secure them permanently.
  4. Attaching the Rails: Once the concrete has cured, attach the horizontal rails to the posts using galvanized nails or screws. Make sure the rails are firmly fixed and level.
  5. Installing the Pickets: Attach the cedar pickets to the rails, maintaining consistent spacing for a uniform appearance. Remember to leave a small gap between each picket to allow for natural wood expansion and contraction.
  6. Finishing Touches: Once the fence structure is complete, you can add a finishing touch with a stain or sealant. This will enhance the natural beauty of the cedar and further protect it from the elements.

Pro Tips for a Flawless Fence

  • Use galvanized hardware: Opt for galvanized nails or screws to prevent rust and ensure long-lasting durability.
  • Stagger picket joints: For added strength, alternate the way pickets meet on the rails, creating a staggered pattern.
  • Maintain a clean cut: Use a sharp saw to ensure clean cuts on the cedar planks to prevent splintering and enhance aesthetics.
  • Embrace the natural beauty: Cedar weathers beautifully over time, developing a silvery-gray patina. You can embrace this natural look or opt for periodic staining to maintain the original reddish-brown tones.

By following these steps and tips, you can successfully install a beautiful and long-lasting cedar wood fence. Remember, a well-maintained cedar fence can add value to your property while providing privacy, security, and a touch of timeless elegance for years to come.


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