What it takes to make a successful interior design project?

The architecture and interiors market undergoes constant transformations. The most recent has caused major changes in the way we perceive, use and desire our homes. Despite this, there are coveted attributes that do not change over time and position a project in a relevant and even memorable way. For a successful interior design project, you must have some accessories in interior design. Here we bring you the most basic ones.


When it comes to interiors, there is no way to give up personality. Very personal houses have the soul of the owner, whose decoration represents his predilections, his memories, and his world. They are addresses that mix styles, passions and life stories combined with the repertoire of the professional who signs them.

Authorial design

Even today, a good part of the furniture design world relies on copying. Authorial design is one of the main factors that a good project needs to have. This does not mean, however, that it is enough to put an armchair to make a project relevant. Dividing the space of the house with pieces that carry layers of meaning brings much greater wealth.


We have our identical characteristics. Respecting the architectural and design legacy that forms our identity is paramount, not only for practical day-to-day activities, but so we do not forget whom we are and where we came from. The presence of these vestiges reminds us of that we have our culture. Our house is one of the best ways to tell our story. This does not mean closing your eyes to what happens in the world, but rather valuing what happens around us.


It is a matter of urgency. There are no natural resources for us to continue living as we live today. It is necessary to know how to use them in a sustainable and intelligent way so that, not the next generations, but ours can live a healthier life.

Interior design: all about the profession

Interior designer is the professional who designs spaces in a harmonious and functional way. He needs to have the common sense of decorators, the knowledge of engineers and architects and the technical-scientific and artistic eye of the designer. Now you can create mesmerizing interior designing project with the help of Foyr Neo, one of the leading online 3D interior design tools. Interior design is the area that plans, idealizes and carries out space projects, always with an eye on functionality and quality of life. It is applied in residential, commercial, institutional spaces, and others.

Understanding the difference between designer and design For starters, know that there is a very common confusion between the two terms. Design is the conception of a product, service or environment, involving all phases and aspects of its production. A designer, on the other hand, is nothing more than the professional who performs this task. Some characteristics of the interior designer are – ease of recreating home environments, have a taste for drawing, to be organized, possess good logical thinking, interest in architecture, landscaping and lighting, enhance colors and combinations. When we talk about the areas of expertise, interior designers have a range of options.


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