Ceiling Fans, an Advantageous Accessory for Homes

Ceiling fans have again gained popularity in modern homes. The models, available these days, are extremely trendy and beautiful to suit all types of homes, simple or luxurious. The latest products are quite attractive offering stylish designs and also featuring trending materials like polished nickel, colorful aluminum, solid wood, and plastic. In addition, you will find medallions fixed to the ceiling fans to give them texture. If you are confused to buy a ceiling fan over an air-conditioner, here are a few of the benefits of ceiling fans that may convince you that the first option provides many benefits compared to air-conditioners:

  1. Reduce Energy Bills: Compared to air-conditioners, ceiling fans consume less energy which makes them the first choice when it comes to choosing between the two. A fan running at full speed consumes less than 100 W of light giving wonderful results. By installing a ceiling fan in the home, you can save up to 47% on your energy bills. All the other cooling appliances may not be that much efficient. In addition, you will find fans much cheaper and affordable.
  2. Easy to Install and Maintain: Compared to air-conditioners, fans are a lot easier to install and maintain. While installing an air-conditioner, you will need ducts, and other devices while fans need only a socket to run leaving all other hassles aside. Fans are designed so that they don’t need much maintenance. You just need to clean them with soft clothes so that there are no scratches or lines on the fans. Since there is a large range of materials also, you can choose according to the area of your home. For example, wooden fans are more popular in living rooms. This feature of fans also makes them the first choice for homes.
  3. Decorative and Stylish: A fan can give an edge to the surroundings with its decorative and stylish look which cannot be gained with an air-conditioner. Fans are that cooling option that can be installed in any room disregarding the room’s size or area of the house room is situated. Moreover, along with summers, you can use fans in winters also which is not the case with air-conditioners. Although the main use of fans is to move the air in the room to make it cool, some models can work the other way around. The other models are able to rotate the hot air in the rooms with the help of the blades bringing the temperature a little high and the energy bills low.
  4. Offer a Wide Range of Models: A number of models of ceiling fans are available complementing all sizes of rooms. While air-conditioners come only in standard models, you can buy a fan according to your needs, no matter how big or small is your room. Fans are a healthier choice also as unlike air-conditioners, you do not get a sore throat, running nose, or other such allergies when you sit under a fan.

The numerous benefits that ceiling fans provide make them an important accessory in modern homes. If you also want to buy a ceiling fan in Australia, you can contact Fans City, a company that is famous for simple and luxurious fans.